What does Think Interior teach to its students?

Think Interior teaches you the real essence of interior design from basic knowledge to setting up interior décor business. You will not only be prepared to work as an individual interior designer but you will be tough to enhance your skills and be able to participate in international contests for interior designing.

Are the learning hours flexible?

Yes, you will have to decide the pace by yourself. However, it is suggested that you keep submitting the tasks assigned to you regularly so that the learning process may go smooth. You will have 12 months to finish the course. It depends on you how you utilize this time.

Can I take help from fellow students if I face any problem?

Yes, we have developed NYIAD Student Forum through which you can share your ideas, problems and knowledge with other students and graduates.

What is the total fee for the whole course?

Total fee for the complete Interior Design Course is $899.00. However, you may avail discounts through the different payment options we are offering to our students.

What payment options do you offer?

You may choose from any of the Two payment options that include:
  • Pay in full
  • Pay on monthly basis

Is there any refund policy?

Yes, once you get enrolled in the course, you will have up to 21 days to decide if the course is working for you. If you decide to discontinue, 100% of the paid fee will be refunded.

Are the assignments lengthy?

During the course, you will be given different tasks and assignments to complete. Some of the assignments are short and others are not. All the assignments are interactive and are designed to enhance your creativity. You will be asked to research about various topics and to develop some artistic ideas.

Are the assignments graded?

Yes, the tutor assigned to you will check and grade your assignments.

What is the way of communication with the instructor?

You will be assigned an instructor who will review your work and will provide you with feedback and suggestions. Your tutor will also be responsible for checking and grading your assignments. We have a Student Support Department for entertaining your queries. This department will act as a bridge between you and your instructor. If you are facing any kind of difficulty in completing your assignment or understanding any concept, you can send the support department an email anytime. On your behalf, the Student Support Department will send your queries and assignments to your instructor. Also, the department will send you the responses from your instructor.

Am I required to attend classes?

Absolutely not! This is a distance learning online course that does not require you to attend the classes. This course is completely based on online resources. You will be provided with the course material online and will also be assigned a tutor who will respond to your queries online. All this is done through electronic ways that does not require you to appear physically in the classes.

What is the total course length?

Total course length is 270 hours. However, when it comes to the duration of time for you to complete the course, it all depends on you. If you take the lessons regularly and you are punctual enough, you can finish the entire course within couple of months for sure.

What previous knowledge should I have about the Interior Design?

This course does not require you to have background knowledge of interior designers. In fact this course is specially designed for all those students who have absolutely no or very little knowledge of the Interior Design. We will teach you all the basics of the interior designing.

Do I need to be proficient in computer skills?

For this particular course, you only need to know the basic of computers. We do not require you to be a computer software or hardware expert. All you need to know is the very basics.

Will I be provided with the diploma or certificate?

Yes, at the successful completion of the course, you will be awarded with a course completion certificate. The good news is that this diploma or certificate is acceptable throughout the world.

Does Think Interior offer diploma or certificate which is certified and accredited?

Yes, this course is certified by Worldwide Interior Decorators Association (WIDA) as professional interior decorator education.