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Course Overview

  • This course is approved by Worldwide Interior Decorators Association (WIDA) as professional interior decorator education. Students will get WIDA certification upon completion of the course.

  • The course is designed to equip you with the knowledge of creating world class interior designs. Green and Universal designs are specially focused in this course.

  • In this course you'll be provided not only with reading material but also with interaction with Interior Designers through skype or email that will help you to understand the course material .

  • You'll see the top professionals creating the interior art and will learn from them every trick leading to success.

  • You'll be able to discuss your designs with some of the leading interior designers who'll give detailed feedback on your work and will identify the flaws and suggest improvements.

  • This course will teach you how to sell your services in the best possible way to make remarkable profit. You'll be able to understand the client requirements, pricing, scheduling and everything related to interior design market.

Course Details

  • Total Course Length - 270 hours, 12 Units

  • Course comprises of 12 Units covering 270 hours.

  • Flexibility of the course allows you study at your own terms of area, time and pace. You'll only be required to complete the course in 1 Year with no additional charges.

  • Under TIDA Mentor Program you'll be assigned a skilled interior designer who'll help you develop your technical and artistic abilities during the course.

  • We provide you a platform by the name of TIDA Student Forum through which you can share your ideas, problems and knowledge with other students and graduates.

Who Enrolls in this Course?

This is the course which specifically has been designed for those who:

  • Want to make interior designing a career

  • Love to join interior designing as freelancers to make money

  • Are seeking work in industries related to interior design

  • Like to know more about the new trends and technologies for interior designing industry.

  • Wish to learn the art of creating beauty out of nothing.

Interior Design is the language which expresses the use and the mood and the possibilities of a place.

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