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Course Outline

Here you are going to know about all the units of the course offered by Think Interior.

The Visual Language of Design

First unit of the design course will give you the introduction of the interior designing. You’ll be given an overview of the basic design concepts required to understand the real meaning of interior designing.

You’ll be taught the meaning of various decoration styles and images. This unit will make the foundation for you to start understanding the language of interior designing.

Once you understand the language, it will no longer be difficult for you to create your own designs.

The History of Style Decoration and Architecture

This unit will give you entire details of the history of the design. You’ll be briefed about the changes design and architecture has faced from the cave period to present. This unit will help you to understand the roots of interior designing.

Site Evaluation - Room Element and Furniture

This Unit will help you to understand the method of site evaluation so that you may be able to judge about all the creative possibilities to be applied. You’ll also learn about the room elements and about the various styles of furniture.

Developing a Renovation Plan

This unit will help you to learn developing a renovation plan. You’ll also learn the concept of space through a tutorial. You’ll also have to create a space plan by yourself.

Light and Lighting

This unit is about understanding the concept to lighting. Effects of lights on color, designs, fabrics and various decoration ideas will be discussed in this unit.

Color - The Most Potent and Flexible Element of Design

This is one of the most important units of the design course. It will help you to understand colors. At the end of this unit you’ll be able to make color combinations according to the interior décor style.

Three Dimensional Design Theory

This unit will make the foundation of three dimensional design theory. You’ll be taught how to select ceilings, floors and walls and how to decide about the finishes.

Fabrics, Window Treatments and Home Textiles

This unit will help you to learn about various types and qualities of fabrics that you may use in the interior décor. You’ll also be given the introduction of various window treatments.

Furniture Art and Accessories

Furniture is one of the most important elements of interior décor. This unit will teach you how to select furniture and art accessories for giving your idea the practical shape.

Your Client - How to Listen and Create the Environment they Desire

This unit will help you to build strong relation with clients by listening to their needs and meeting their expectations. This unit is all about learning practices that professional designers follow.

Communicating Accurately

This unit will teach you to develop drawings and plans in a proper way and to communicate your ideas to your clients effectively.

Setting up your Business

This unit will give you an overview of the design market so that it may be easy for you to set up your own business.

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